Vintage at Winsome Goods

Winsome Goods is a line of women’s clothing designed, sampled and produced under one roof by a small team of people. Their mission is to create timeless and sustainable garments that do not adhere closely to a specific trend, fad, or seasonality.

A little over a year ago, Kathryn, founder of Winsome Goods, reached out to Kollektiv. She wanted to mix vintage, thrifted clothing with her handmade garments and noticed their collection shared a similar aesthetic and would pair well together. After meeting, the collaboration quickly began. Ethical sourcing, sustainability and having a positive impact on the environment runs parallel for both brands and it's become a lovely fit.  

Classic vintage garments are constantly moving through the Winsome Goods storefront and online. We're excited to bring old, beautiful garments back to life, and into your personal collection. 

Shop vintage online or in-store at:

201 6th St. SE #2 Minneapolis, MN 55418